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Vented & Unvented Cylinders 


Services, repairs and installation

Here at Bailey Plumbing and Heating, we provide vented and unvented cylinder servicing, repairs and installations. 


Unvented hot water cylinders are fed directly by mains pressure cold water. There is no requirement for a cold water tank and you will find that their flow rates tend to be as good as mains pressure. They are usually constructed from stainless steel, have lengthy manufacturer backed guarantees on the integrity of the cylinder and also have good thermal insulation, resulting in a reduction in heat loss.


Vented hot water cylinders are also known as gravity fed hot water systems. They are usually copper cylinders that are covered in a foam insulation and tend to be fed from a cold water tank which is usually found in the loft. These systems rely on gravity, so the hot water pressure is controlled by the vertical distance between the tank and the inlet of the cylinder. 

All of our engineers hold their G3 unvented qualification, meaning they are deemed fully competent to install, service and maintain unvented and vented hot water systems. 


If you are a landlord, or perhaps you are looking to sell your property, updating your heating system may be a quick and easy way to increase the EPC rating of your home which is favourable to new buyers and tenants.

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