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Client Testimonials

See how people around Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and South West London recommend Bailey Plumbing & heating (UK) Ltd. These can all be found on these credible platforms including Which? Trusted Traders, Google and also emails we have received.

Internal Feedback 

A big part of our client base feels comfortable giving us direct feedback via email following any project correspondence. We would like to share some of these with you here.

March 2023

"So pleased with our heating system fitted by Guy and Freya in March.

Forever thankful for brilliant service and outcome. Nice and cosy."

Mr and Mrs Morley in Guildford

March 2022

“Excellent work. Guy did a boiler service for us (the first time in a long while). He was very thorough and professional. He recommended a few things that we could follow up on and sent us a very reasonable quote with absolutely no pressure to proceed. We decided to replace the pump as recommended since our radiators had not been heating up properly in years. The new pump is amazing and we are very happy with the service. We will definitely use Guy and the team in the future. All the work came with a twelve-month guarantee.”

Cindy in Surrey

February 2022

“I asked Bailey Plumbing & Heating to call on me to give me a quote to resolve a long-standing problem with a blocked sink which had been messed up by another plumber. I made an appointment and a week later they turned up on time and cleared the sink. I was advised that the blockage was probably caused by an airlock and this needed fixing so I raised another appointment for this to be done having received a quote. This was completed in a professional and friendly manner. I highly recommend this plumber.”

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